Assessment only

Achieving Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) by Assessment Only

If you are an experienced teacher with a degree, you can achieve qualified teacher status (QTS) without having to do any further training. The ‘Assessment Only’ route allows you to demonstrate that you already meet all of the standards for QTS.

  • This way of achieving QTS is only available to unqualified teachers who have significant teaching experience, having taught in at least two schools for a total of more than 2 years.
  • You’ll also need to take the professional skills test in literacy and numeracy before you can be accepted onto this route.
  • In addition to your degree you must have a GCSE Grade C or above in English, Maths and a Science subject. If you cannot demonstrate the required GCSE subjects and levels you may have to pass an Equivalence Test.

To achieve QTS via the AO route, you will be assessed in the following areas:

  1. Detailed evidence that you meet all the Teachers’ Standards, and
  2. Assessment of your teaching practice in a school

For this reason you will need to find a school which will employ you as an unqualified teacher, or take you on as a volunteer and support you in the AO route.  The assessment of your evidence and teaching practice will be carried out by the Chepping View SCITT – an approved AO provider and specialist in School Centred Primary Teacher training.

For more detailed guidance notes on the Chepping View SCITT Assessment only route go to: Chepping View QTS Assessment only guidance

For DfE supporting advice on Assessment only go to: Assessment only NCTL supporting advice

For an application form go to: Chepping View QTS Assessment only application form

Lesson observation form: Weekly-lesson-observation-of-trainee-form-v3

If you have any further questions or need help deciding if you are suitable, contact Debrah Maddox at or call on 01494 535564.