In order for a trainee to be recommended for QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) at the end of the programme, they must meet the Teachers’ Standards. Meeting the standards is a requirement for all trainees, regardless of the ITT route. Teaching commitment will gradually increase as the year progresses to 80% of the timetable (during the final weeks of the summer term) and starts with as little as a lesson per week.  Trainees will be set weekly targets to help develop and support their practice in the classroom as well as a weekly observation by the Teacher Tutor. It is expected that trainees will show evidence of the impact of their centre-based training in their placement school as well as having the opportunity to reflect on their experiences. An observation by an external Quality Assurance Mentor from the Chepping View SCITT team will take place every half term.

At the end of each term, trainees will engage in professional discussions with their Teacher Tutor and Quality Assurance Mentor about their classroom practice and the impact they have had on learning and progress. An end of placement summative report is written to summarise the progress and achievements of the trainee.

Chepping View Primary Academy SCITT is responsible for monitoring the trainee, along with the partnership school.  A successful year will lead to a final report and a recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status.

Trainees who successfully complete the PGCE qualification will be awarded 60 master’s credits by Oxford Brookes University.