Career Changers

A lot of trainees join our primary teacher training programme having already pursued careers in other fields first.  A change of circumstances, a change of thinking or a reassessment of priorities has attracted them to a career in teaching.

We always welcome applicants who are considering teaching as a second (or even third) career. This is because they bring with them valuable transferrable skills in areas such as planning, collaborative working and communication.

Here is what some of our trainees have said after joining our programme from other careers:

“I had been thinking about teaching on and off for a few years and I knew I just had to go for it. I am so incredibly glad I took the plunge as I honestly have not looked back. I had also enjoyed working and training in my past career and so the more I investigated this passion, the more teaching appealed to me. I looked at a lot of different courses on primary education. Chepping View Primary Academy SCITT was my number one choice.”  Rachel, 2021-2022 trainee

“Teaching was always something I was interested in exploring. After university, I went to work for British Airways for six months (this turned into 15 years!).  My personal circumstances changed after having my own children which allowed me to re-evaluate what my ambitions were. I recommend any career changer who feels they’d like to be a primary school teacher to 100% enquire/apply. I am nearly 40 years old and happily now starting my career, which I feel was my calling.” Ginny, 2021-2022 trainee