Currently the tuition fees are £7,750.

If you choose to do the optional PGCE, then the fee is £9,250.

Available Financial Support

Tuition Fees

To cover the cost of studying, trainees from the UK can apply for a tuition fee loan through Student Finance England.

Please go to for more details.

Maintenance Loan for Living Costs

Trainees may also be eligible for a maintenance loan to cover living costs. Further financial help may also be available if you have children (or other dependants) or if you have a disability.

To see if you are eligible, click on the following link which will assess your eligibility for a tuition fee loan AND a maintenance loan.

Applying for Teaching Jobs in Buckinghamshire and the South-East

In the last few years, all of our SCITT graduates who have achieved QTS and who have applied for jobs in Buckinghamshire/South-east England, have secured a job.

Teachers are in great demand in Buckinghamshire, London, the Home Counties and South-east England so achieving QTS will make you highly employable and you will soon be able to pay off any loans you have taken out.

Salaried Applicants

Some applicants join us with the support of a school which is willing to pay them a salary as an unqualified teacher. These applicants will have worked in the school as a graduate teaching assistant or have significant other relevant school experience which would allow them to start teaching a whole class earlier in the programme.

Currently, the Department of Education does not allow salaried trainees to access student finance to cover the cover the costs of the tuition fees. This means that that salaried trainees or their supporting school will need to make arrangements to pay the QTS fees and, if necessary, the PGCE fees. Please contact us to discuss further.