Graduate Teaching Assistants

If you are considering transitioning from being a Teaching Assistant to a Classroom Teacher, you are in a uniquely privileged position. You will have already seen how teachers work on a daily basis. You will have a good idea of the responsibilities of a teacher and what makes up their day, week, term. You will also have spent many hours with school-aged children and seen for yourself how to manage behaviour and inspire the very best from young people. You are now ready to take the next step into primary school teaching.

We have welcomed many teaching assistants onto our teacher training programme and the classroom experience they have brought to their training has been enormously valuable both to themselves and to the other trainees on the course.

Here’s what our trainees say about joining CVPA SCITT after having been a Teaching Assistant.

“I worked as a Teaching Assistant for eight years and I could see that I was making a difference to the children. I was also asked to teach whole classes on a regular basis and would notice the children would be excited when I taught them. I decided to do the ITT (Initial Teacher Training) at Chepping View Primary Academy because I had met people who had taken that route and were happy with the support and training. The SCITT team at CVPA have been supportive, helpful and understanding. If I was unsure of something, I would email the SCITT team and they would reply back within the hour.” Surrya, 2021-2022 trainee.

“Working as a TA gave me the knowledge and experience of working in a school but also seeing the positive impact all staff make to children’s lives. Chepping View Primary Academy SCITT has allowed me to take the next step into teaching whilst feeling supported and with a high standard of training. I have made some amazing friends on this journey and I can’t wait to have my own class in September!” Becky, 2021-2022 trainee.