Ofsted inspection report

Inspection of the Primary SCITT Partnership QTS with PGCE programme, March 2023

The effective partnership between schools and leaders enables trainees to flourish. Trainees value the sensitive pastoral and professional support they are given. They appreciate how skilled leaders carefully adjust the programme and workload in response to feedback. Trainees as well as staff in partnership schools are overwhelmingly proud to be part of the programme. As one headteacher commented, ‘We are one family.’

Trainees are well prepared to teach in the primary phase. They develop a secure understanding of the primary curriculum. Expert trainers from schools deliver well-sequenced training that is rooted in relevant research. Knowledgeable teacher-tutors guide trainees to reflect on their training and consider how they can best help pupils to learn. This includes in local schools where there are high proportions of pupils who speak English as an additional language and pupils who are disadvantaged. Leaders ensure that there is a sharp focus on the importance of teaching reading. Trainees develop the knowledge and skills to teaching reading competently over time.

Trainees develop into reflective practitioners who understand how to support vulnerable pupils. Leaders prioritise teaching trainees how to manage behaviour positively and how to meet the needs of pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities. This is revisited over time across different subjects to build trainees’ understanding gradually. Leaders support trainees to develop a secure understanding of their safeguarding responsibilities.

For the full Ofsted report click here: CVPA SCITT Partnership Ofsted Report March 2023